KRIS POL transport company

KRIS POL transport offer

We offer transport both nationwide and abroad. Our specializations include:

– wheeled cargo transport, including: transport of trucks,

– transport of construction machinery: excavators, loaders, road rollers and other road equipment, mobile cranes

– transport of agricultural machinery: combine harvesters, tractors, ploughs, harrows, cultivators, manure spreaders etc.

– transport of other heavy wheeled loads.

All equipment and machinery carried by our company are covered by an insurance company. Furthermore, all our vehicles are equipped with GPS systems. As a result, we can check the execution of each order online at any time.

We have all the necessary:


   full insurance

   all mandatory securities

permission for transport of up to 3 m of width, 4,30 m of height and 18 m of length


You cargo will always reach the designated location in a timely manner.

FORWARDING AND TRANSPORT tel.    +48 517-511-222    Kamil Pyziak
FORWARDING tel.   +48 605 559 211   Małgorzata Pyziak
OWNER tel.    +48 516-820-716   Krzysztof Pyziak